Go ahead, shoot me; be a man...
~ Clayton's last words.

Clayton is the main antagonist of the animated film Tarzan. He is a very suspicious poacher who tries to hunt for gorillas.

Clayton looks like many classic Disney villains, hungry for money and power. However, much like previous villain Cruella de Vil, Clayton's animal cruelty makes him seem a much colder villain.



Clayton first appears when setting up the camp. He is to hunt for gorillas in the jungle, but all his attempts to find the gorillas were failed. As Clayton's planned failed, his men started to leave Africa. As soon as the sailors try to leave Africa, Tarzan begins getting attacked by Clayton when leaving.

During the battle in the jungle, Clayton ends up attacking Tarzan when freeing the animals from their cages. Clayton ends up getting into the vines and Tarzan ends up prompting him not to do so. Soon, Clayton ends up falling and gets hung on a vine, dropping his Bowie knife. Soon, lightning flashes briefly to show Clayton's corpse.


  • He is voiced by Brian Blessed.